Guide to Hand Protection

Chemical Protection Gloves: Working environments using hazardous chemicals and substances can be very harmful to workers and the correct protection is a must. Workplace Equipment Store supply a range of gloves which are fully tested and certified to protect from a range of chemicals.

Cut Protection: Hand injury is one of the most frequent types of accident reported in the working environment, with cuts and lacerations the biggest concern in this area. Workplace Equipment Stores range of cut resistant gloves gives varying degrees of protection depending on what level is required.

ESD Gloves: ESD gloves are used to divert static electricity. Surface resistively is tested accordingly to methods specified in EN1149-1 but test samples must meet the requirements of EN1149-5.

Food Safe Gloves: The food safe glove range does not alter food on contact ensuring human health and product composition is protected. The range features disposable and non-disposable working gloves, promoting dexterity, durability and cut protection.

Impact Protection Gloves: The latest development in glove technology, specially designed gloves to provide protection to hands from impact hazards. These Anti-Impact gloves utilise the latest research in materials technology in order to absorb a maximum amount of force from impacts.

General Handling & Grip Gloves: The general handling and grip glove range is one of the most popular collections within the Workplace Equipment Store hand protection range. A carefully selected range of coatings, including Latex, Nitrile, Polyurethane and PVC provides a broad range of styles suited to a diverse range of tasks.

Heat Safe Gloves: The heat protection range provides hand protection against temperatures ranging from 100 degrees to 500 degrees for contact heat, while maintaining exceptional hand dexterity. Trusted to safeguard hands against heat hazards in all work environments.

Mechanic / Precision Grip Gloves: Designed to enhance grip for precision work, this collection protects from a broad range of hazards. The gloves are constructed from highly engineered textiles and offer an extensive selection of colours, lining and size options. This collection is suitable for mechanic applications, general construction, material handling, carpentry and utility work.

Specialist Hand Protection: A combination of highly specialised gloves which have been designed for very specific tasks. The use of these gloves with the right task will perform better than any other glove which has been designed for more general purposes.

Thermal Protection Gloves: When cold thermal hazards are present, the hands’ motor skills can be greatly reduces, this leads to increased risks of accidents and injury. Specially designed thermal protective gloves are available to combat these hazardous environments.

Welding Protection Gloves: Higher levels of protection are needed when a worker is dealing with extremely hot temperatures and heated materials. The welding protection range has an expanding selection of hand protection solutions suitable for all welding and thermal risk.

Work Gloves: Multi purpose work gloves are one of the best selling ranges of gloves. The drivers and riggers collection houses a large selection of work gloves made from premium genuine and synthetic leather. This affords the user the best in breathability, durability, comfort and dexterity.

Hand Protection is critical – Find the right glove for the job

Below we have complied a guide to help you find and identify the right hand protection for the job.

Below is a guide to materials used and the performance factors associated. This will aid in decision making to secure the right hand protection for the job.

European Hand Protection Standards

Protective Gloves: General Requirements | EN 420 2003 + A1:2009

This standard defines the general requirements for glove design and construction, innocuousness, cleaning instructions, electrostatic properties, sizing, dexterity, water vapour transmission and absorption along with marking and information.

Protective Gloves against mechanical Risks | EN388-2016

EN388:2003 Standards specifies physical and mechanical aggression caused by abrasion, blade cut, tearing and puncture. EN388:2016 updates the existing standard with this new test method for abrasion, blade cut & impact resistance. EN ISO 13997:1999 (TDM test) records cut results as a Newton value – the force of the blade on the glove material needed to cut through the material 20mm. The results are represented on a scale A-F.

Protective Clothing: Electrostatic Properties EN1149-1:2006

This European Standard specifies a test method for materials intended to be used in the manufacturing of electrostatic dissipative protective clothing (or gloves) to avoid incendiary discharge. This test method is not applicable for materials to be used in the manufacturing of protection clothing or gloves against mains voltages.

Protective Clothing – Electrostatic Properties – Part 5. Material Performance and Design Requirements EN1149-5:2008

This European Standard is part of a series of standards for text methods and requirements for electrostatic properties of protective clothing. The standard specifies material and design requirements for garments used as part of a total earthed system, to avoid incendiary discharges. The requirements may not be sufficient in oxygen enriched flammable atmospheres. This standard is not applicable for protection against mains voltages.

Still can’t decide which gloves are best for you? Don’t worry, we’re here to help. Call our friendly customer service team on 0800 949 9300 to discuss your requirements.

A Guide to BS 8599-1 First Aid Kits

What Are BS 8599-1 First Aid Kits?

BS 8599-1 is the standard that sets the new minimum level that workplace first aid kits should conform to.

British Standard Compliant first aid kits (also known as BSi first aid kits) are designed to provide the first aid supplies needed to deal with common injuries in the modern-day workplace.  Our range of first aid kits are supplied fully stocked with BS-8599-1 compliant content. We have a comprehensive selection of kits to choose from to ensure that you have the first aid supplies you need in a case that meets the requirements of your workplace.


BS 8599-1 First Aid Kits Include…

  • Nitrile gloves, not vinyl gloves. Eliminating possible latex allergies
  • Absorbent Wound Dressings for finger injuries, plasters are sometimes inadequate.
  • Adhesive Tape to secure bandages without the use of safety pins although Safety Pins are still supplied.
  • Burn Dressings; the majority of workplaces will have a risk from burns even from having something as simple as a kettle.
  • Clothing Cutters to cut bandages and remove any clothing from around the wound.
  • Resuscitation Face Shield to provide protection to both the first aider and the casualty during CPR.
  • Foil Blanket to keep the casualty warm in cases of clinical shock or exposure to cold temperatures
  • Sterile Wipes for use on broken skin.


What size kit do I need?

The size of the kit is dependent on a combination of the level of risk and the number of employees in the workplace. The table below provides guidance for employers but does not replace the requirement to carry out a risk assessment.

This this table is for guidance only and each workplace needs to evaluate its own level of risk.

If you’re still not sure, don’t worry our knowledgeable staff are on hand to answer any of your queries.
You can contact them by phone on 0800 949 9300 or by email

View our range of BS 8599-1 First Aid Kits here

fire safety

How to Prevent Accidents at Work

Accidents at work

First off, accidents will happen. It’s a fact of life. We simply cannot control or foresee certain situations which may arise that lead to an accident.

However there are many obvious risks and it is the responsibility of all stakeholders in a company; from CEO to site manager to ensure HSE regulations are complied with.

Accidents in numbers

In 2017/2018 there were 144 deaths at work

Over half a million non fatal injuries

Nearly 4 million workdays lost per year

Don’t be a statistic

Let’s look at what you can do to protect your employees at work.

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Discount Code Workplace Equipment Store

Workplace Equipment Store announce new ‘Friends Membership’ programme

Now new and old customers of Workplace Equipment Store can enjoy exclusive deals and discounts.
By signing up to the Workplace Equipment Store email newsletter members will automatically receive the hottest health and safety news, top tips, buyers guides and exclusive promo codes – to be used on the online store.

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snow salt

Snow Ploughs Save the Day

Snow Alerts!

Snow is on its way. You may look out of the window today and think – cold but sunny. Don’t be fooled the pesky snow is predicted to fall soon.

Snow Forecasts

The thing is with snow forecasts is that by the time you’ve acknowledged that they were actually right, it’s too late.

When you can’t get off your drive or get deliveries in or out of your depot or open your business to the public, you’d be right in thinking that a little bit of forward planning can go an awful long way.

Be Snow Ready with this Handy Checklist

Already in the car

  1. Wear warm clothing & have blankets in the car or truck in case you get stuck
  2. Make sure you have your in-car charger with you, there’s nothing worse than a dead phone
  3. Carry a drink and snack
  4. Listen to the latest weather updates & adhere to the warnings
  5. Try to remain calm

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sack truck guide

Sack Trucks Buyers Guide

Buying a Sack Truck?
Read our handy Sack Truck Buyer’s Guide

Chances are you currently use sack trucks but you may need to replace or increase what you have. So let’s take a look at the need to know stuff.

This Buyer’s Guide is for you if you’re looking to buy a sack truck and would like the most up to date information to help you decide.

In this Buyer’s Guide we consider the latest sack truck options, pro’s and cons and how to choose the right sack truck for your business.

low cost sack truck

Low cost sack truck lifts up to 100kg £57

Sack trucks are ideal for moving goods around with ease. Sack trucks start from £57 see the whole range here.

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