Canteen Furniture

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Canteen Furniture - Table & Chairs

Delivery approx. 5 working days

Artist Stacking Bistro Chair

Delivery approx. 10 working days

Ellipse Bistro Table

Delivery approx. 10 working days

Ellipse Bistro Table with Trumet Base

Delivery approx. 10 working days

Canteen Furniture
Our range of canteen furniture is ideal for use in hospitals, schools, colleges, canteens, staff rooms etc.


The canteen is an important part of any workplace. It is the area where staff members eat and socialise during lunch and breaks. Canteen areas need to be furnished and one of the best ways to do this is with Canteen Table & Chair Units.

By purchasing these units for the canteen, business owners are able to save themselves the time and inconvenience of having to source individual tables and chairs. The Canteen Table & Chairs Units are also very versatile. Not only are they suitable for use in the workplace, they are also ideal for college, school and hospital canteens, as well as other places where people are likely to congregate to take their meals.

Why buy Canteen Furniture Units?

The advantage of purchasing these Table and Chairs Units is that once they are fitted into place the business has an ideal permanent canteen arrangement for the workforce. Canteen Table & Chairs Units are available in different sizes, allowing businesses and other organisations to purchase sets that best suit their needs.