Convertible Sack Trucks

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Convertible Two Way Sack Truck - 200kg Capacity

Delivery approx. 3 working days

Convertible Three Way Sack Truck - 300kg capacity

Delivery approx. 7 working days

Two Position Aluminium Sack Truck - 120kg Capacity

Delivery approx. 7 working days


Multi-purpose Convertible Sack Trucks

Tackle almost any manual handling task in the workplace with a multi-purpose convertible sack truck from Workplace Equipment Store.

A multi-purpose sack truck can be used in many positions: the classic sack barrow, the platform trolley and the 45° sack truck. Switching between settings is quick and simple, with instant conversion at the mere pull of a lever. Investing in a multipurpose convertible sack truck means you can effortlessly switch between settings to transport all types of cargo in seconds.

Convertible sack trucks are incredibly easy to use and save you from purchasing multiple pieces of manual handling equipment. Perfect for businesses short on storage space!