Fire Safety Equipment

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Fire Safety Equipment

At Workplace Equipment Store we’re committed to help you increase safety, reduce risk to life & minimise property damage in the event of fire in industrial or commercial premises. We offer a wide range of fire safety products from Fire Extinguishers and Fire Extinguisher Storage & Protection to Site Alarms & Emergency Exit Equipment.

Fire Extinguishers

Our range of fire extinguishers are colour coded to identify fire extinguisher type and clear instructions for operator use. The are also approved to BS EN3.

Fire Blankets

Fire blankets extinguish fire by forming an airtight seal, smothering the fire and cutting off the supply of oxygen. Smothering a fire to cut off oxygen is a proven method of extinguishing cooking hob fires. In addition people with clothes alight should be forced to the ground and the blanket used to extinguish the flame before seeking emergency assistance.

With a 5 year guarantee and BS EN approval our range of fire blankets and fire extinguishers provide the protection and assurance for your workplace. There have been many 'fakes' marketed over the internet in recent years, Workplace Equipment Store gives you the legal product which works if you ever need it.