Hand Wash & Wipes

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Our 4-Step Approach to Superior Skin Care

Our product range accommodates a broad variety of user preferences and application requirement. All DEB products are fully tested, supported and colour-coded for easy identification.

Protect: Pre-work skin protection creams help protect the skin against contact with various workplace contaminants, irritants and working conditions. They also help make the skin easier to clean.

Cleanse: Appropriate cleansing of the hands plays a vital part in preventing occupational dermatitis. Using the appropriate cleansers will help with removing dirt and irritants while keeping the skin in a healthy condition.

Sanitise: Hand sanitiser that can be used without water to kill germs and provide a higher level of hand hygiene and skin disinfection.

Restore: After-work skin restore creams help to maintain the skin in healthy condition by keeping it soft and supple, avoiding dryness. Good skin condition is an important element in ensuring good hand hygiene practice.