Laminate Door Lockers

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Laminate Door Storage Lockers - 300 x 300mm

Delivery Approx. 15 Working Days.

£186.60 (inc. VAT)
Laminate Door Storage Lockers 300 x 450mm

Delivery Approx. 15 Working Days

From: £162.60
£195.12 (inc. VAT)

Laminate Door Lockers
Laminate Door Lockers are as versatile as a metal locker but with the added benefit of increased durability.
This makes them ideal if your locker doors often take a bit of punishment. The laminate material the doors are made from is tough and robust making them highly resistant to scratches and dents.

There's usually a premium price tag on laminate door lockers compared to their steel counterparts, but not in this case. As always, Workplace Equipment Store have worked hard with manufacturers in the UK to bring you quality laminate door lockers at an affordable price tag.