Multi Purpose Scrubbing Machines

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Multi-Purpose Scrubbing Machines

The Power Brush Hand Held Battery Operated Scrubbing Machine is one of those products that you wish you’d found ages ago! Originally developed because of the desperate need to reduce time and improve cleaning standards in so many industries, The Power Brush battery powered cordless cleaning brush is available in 3 different kit options, light user kit, standard kit and contractors kitWith detail attachments as well as a scrubbing and buffing pads, this versatile tool is very useful for getting into awkward corners and areas that have persistent stains. Just imagine how much hand scrubbing you could have saved with one of these battery powered brush tool kits.

Our Power Brush XL Battery Powered Scrubber is the big daddy of our really popular Power Brush. It is a powerful yet lightweight scrubbing tool that can be used for a huge variety of scrubbing tasks. The Power Brush XL is a compact unit, with the removable, rechargeable battery located in the handle. The battery can be easily removed for charging, and spare batteries are available for continuous cleaning capability. With an adjustable head, and a twistable and extendable handle, the Power Brush XL can get into any angle or position for powerful cleaning, even below your feet or above your head! Available in a complete kit form, the XL comes with a variety of attachments and a storage bag to hold it all together. Take a look at the video below to see the huge variety of tasks that can be accomplished with this effective and versatile multi scrubber. The Power Brush XL is ideal for cleaning vehicles, flooring edges and corners, under toilets and urinals, vinyl and non slip surfaces, mirrors and glass, wall washing, ceilings and ventilation grilles, under partitions and tiles and grout.