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Warehouse Identification: Numbers & Letters

Organising a warehouse or storage area can be a very difficult task, but is vital to the smooth running of any company. The speed and ease with which things can be located and then returned to the correct position if required is really important in saving time and money in any warehouse. A clear labelling system will help locate the right products and materials, as well as allowing deliveries to be sent to the correct place with a minimum of fuss. Efficient labelling of a warehouse is the first step towards organising the stock, and all you have to do then is to make sure that staff put it in the right place!

Our sets of adhesive numbers and letters are ideal for labelling the racking or shelving in any warehouse or storage area, and they allow you to map out where you want the products or materials to go before you start stocking shelves, so there is less chance of having to move things about. These numbers and letters are available to purchase in packs of single letters and numbers or complete packs, they can be stuck to almost any surface and remove without leaving a sticky residue. There are various sizes available to suit different circumstances and the easy peel backing makes them really simple to apply to the shelving.