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Sack Trucks

Find the ideal Sack Truck for your needs!


A sack truck (also known as a hand truck or sack barrow) is an invaluable piece of manual handling equipment to any business. Sack barrows help prevent work related injuries and improve workplace efficiency.

At Workplace Equipment Store we understand that ultimately you just want to purchase a hand truck that does the job intended. You want it to last the test of time, be lightweight and be capable of carrying the weight you require. We offer a comprehensive range of Sack Trucks designed with the user and their requirements in mind.

Whether you’re looking for a compact folding sack truck to store in small spaces (eg the back of your van or boot of your car), a stair climber sack truck featuring 3 wheels in a triangle shape that rotate up each step, designed to help you get awkward or heavy loads upstairs or a multi-purpose/convertible sack truck which easily converts from a sack truck to a platform trolley we’ve got you covered!

With so many varieties of hand trucks and sack barrows available we are confident you will find the perfect sack truck at the right price to suit your needs.