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Shadow Board Cleaning Station Style A - Broom & Shovel

Delivery approx. 7 working days

Shadow Board Cleaning Station Style B - Broom, Mop, Bucket & Wet Floor Sign

Delivery approx. 7 working days

Shadow Board Cleaning Station Style D - Dustpan & Brush

Delivery approx. 7 working days


Shadow Boards | Cleaning Stations | 5S | Lean Manufacturing

With employees in different shifts handling cleaning tasks in your workplace, it’s easy to lose track of cleaning equipment. It isn’t only frustrating for the workers, but it also affects the entire production. Imagine having delays because of a massive spill on the floor and the mop and bucket are nowhere in sight.

The lack of proper storage or cleaning station also increases the risk of cross-contamination if you happen to use the wrong equipment in the wrong area. It shortens the equipment’s lifespan and affects workplace safety.

Avoid cross-contamination and keep track of your cleaning equipment with cleaning station shadow boards from Workplace Equipment Store. When a tool is in use, a detailed shadow on the board makes it easy for workers to identify what is missing, increasing accountability and streamlining inventory replenishment.

After using the equipment, placing it back on the shadow board allows other workers to find it easily and quickly the next time they need it. By replacing your storage with a cleaning station complete with shadow boards, you can help boost workplace productivity, lengthen the cleaning equipment’s life and prevent cross-contamination.

What are shadow boards?

Shadow boards provide a dedicated home for cleaning tools & equipment and allow you to implement essential 5S methodology into your working environment. Instant identification speeds up production, reduces errors and prevents cross-contamination in hygiene areas. We’ve put together a handy blog to explain what shadow boards are and why you should use them. Click here

Available in four bright colours Red, Blue, Green or Yellow, shadow boards with different colours can be used to avoid cross-contamination. You can designate a specific board colour for each room in the facility. Other colours & designs available, please contact us on 0800 949 9300 to discuss further.

Our shadow boards are available online and pre-drilled for easy and fast installation. They are also designed to provide a neat and professional appearance, making them suitable for any workplace in the UK.

Custom Shadow Boards

If you can’t find a shadow board suitable for your application in our store online, we can make one for you. At Workplace Equipment Store, we offer a full design service. From single units to large scale factory 5S systems, we can be depended upon to provide a fast and efficient service.

We understand that you may have specific requirements for your shadow board and our team are happy to use your own artwork, or work with you to design your shadow board to your exact specifications.  

Contact us on 0800 949 9300 or email to discuss your requirements with our customer service team. We’d be happy to build a customised cleaning station shadow board for your organisation.