Waste & Recycling Bins

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Waste Bins
In the UK, recycling efforts have ramped up in recent years. There are local authorities that collect recyclable waste regularly. Proper packaging labels are in place to make items easy to recycle. 

Whether you want to reduce your company’s carbon footprint, or are merely looking for a more durable option, you can count on our range of sturdy waste bins and recycling bins. We have cigarette bins and wheelie bins for outdoor environments and sleek, modern litter bins for indoor areas. Some of our recycling bins are transparent and come with coloured lids and stickers for proper waste segregation. 

Waste bins come in all shapes and sizes. And here at Workplace Equipment Store we have a wide range of shapes and sizes for you to choose from.

Cigarette Bins

The very last thing you need for the general appearance of your premises is an area of ground littered with used cigarette butts and ash. Choose from a range of designs and styles for a cigarette butt bin to match what you are looking for.

Indoor Waste Bins

After a well-designed, smart indoor waste bin? Then you've come to the right place. Our range of indoor waste bins are available in a number of sizes and selected bins have a number of colour options. 

If you need stainless steel bins to match your modern workplace design, we have them. They come with push lids to ensure proper waste disposal. In case you need disposal bins for the toilets, you can’t go wrong with our selection of sanitary bins. We also have plastic pedal bins that are ideal for any indoor area. 

Moreover, we have a range of recycling bins ideal for indoor environments. We have transparent kinds to make sure your workers throw their waste in the correct bin. We also have recycling bins that come with colour-coded lids and label stickers to help your staff segregate waste streams accurately. 
Above all, we offer our indoor bins at competitive prices and provide free delivery anywhere in the UK.


Outdoor Litter Bins

As people live busier lives, work later and eat on the move, they also drop more litter. Our range of universally recognisable litter bins provide a place for staff / people to dispose of their litter rather than dropping it on the floor. Again, our range of outdoor waste bins are available in a number of sizes and selected bins have a number of colour options.

Recycling Bins
Why Recycle? If you're not already recycling, we explain how easy it is and how you can really make a difference. For those who already recycle, discover the positive effect your recycling efforts are making and find out what else you could do.

Sack Holders

Wheelie Bins

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